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Rat Control

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Mice Control

Squirrel  Control

Discovering Rats in or around your home or business can be very distressing. 70% of Rat Infestations come direct from the Sewer so your Pest Control Technician will make a bee line for any man hole cover on the property. Once Rats find a way out of the Sewer system, they will dig underneath the properties foundations and enter the property through the open wall cavity at the base of the wall. Once inside the wall cavity, they have complete access to the very fabric of the building, Rats will climb to the highest point which is your roof space, once there they will invariably be there for one reason only, to give birth. Rats carry all sorts of nasty diseases including the fatal strain of Weils disease. Diseases are spread by Rat urine and droppings.  CCTV Drain Survey will always be recommended if a sewer breach is suspected. An Rodent Specific Non Return Valve will also be recommended to stop Rats entering the inlets into your property.. As soon as you suspect Rats in your property, that is the time to call Rodent Pest Control

Mice in your property is an similar situation to Rats!

From an Pest Control point of view, trapping Mice is quite quick, if you know what your doing that is!

Mice can enter your property through the smallest gap, 6mm is all an adult fully grown Mouse can squeeze through, that is half the width of a Bic Biro Pen! Successfully proofing an property from Rodents is in itself a very hard and expensive task & should be carried out by an trained & experienced Pest Control Tech. Mice numbers can increase ten fold within a matter of months, so as soon as you suspect mice in your property, that is the right time to call Rodent Pest Control in and let us control them and get rid of them for you. The longer you leave it, the bigger the numbers, the longer it will take to get rid of the problem!

Squirrels in your roof space can cause serious damage to rafters and the cause of a lot of fires due to cable chewing! Squirrels will normally live as a pair plus the offspring, so you could have a handful of very busy skittish squirrels nesting in your roof space. Squirrels are quite large Rodents but can easily squeeze through small gaps, they are strong enough to easily lift a roof tile and rip through roofing felt to gain entry into roof voids. Social & playful Rodents will be on the go 99% of the time and will be heard very loudly from within the house.

 As soon as you suspect an Rodent intruder, that is the right time to call Rodent Pest Control.

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